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Technical Details

The machine is used for picking stems and flowers of the products such as olive, cherry, cucumber (pickle). The product to be processed is carried to the machine by a belt. The slope of the machine can be adjusted according to the product characteristics. The mixing mechanism placed in the machine helps stems and flowers to be removed easier by turning the product upside and down. Machine body is made of stainless steel completely and the gears are hardened by induced heat treatment. Quality engineering plastics are used in bearings.


  • 2000-2500kg/hour capacity
  • Central lubrication system
  • Automatic loading system with electronic speed control
  • Ip 65 plastic control panel
  • 380 V
  • 40 stainless steel easy picking rollers in 18 mm diameter
  • Slope adjusting mechanism
  • Chain tensioning system
  • Upper washing system
  • Mixing mechanism
  • All the bands are made of PVC conforming to FDA
  • One way driven gear system allowing olive flow
  • AISI 304 stainless steel body


Length 1900mm
Width 1200mm
Height 1500mm
Water Consumption 200lt/hour
Engine Power 1,1+0,37kw
Capacity 2000-2500kg/hour
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