Sorting, Grading, Pitting and Slicing Olive line - Olive Processing Lines  

- Barrel Discharcing   Machines

- Carrying Tools

- Circulation Pumps

- Cracking Machine

- Densimeter Set

- Drying Machine

- Elevators

- Filling Machine

- Heat Treatment   Machines

- Ink Jet

- Olive Color Separator

- Olive Processing Lines

- Olive Scratching   Machines

- Pitting Machine

- Plaper

- Rejection Unit for Metal   Detector

- Selection Bands

- Sieving Machine

- Slicing Machine

- Steeming Machine


Blancher and filling line CML


Technical Details

This line uses for packaging of olive, pea, French beans, corn and similar products. In this line the blancher automatically processes heating. And filling machine can fill plastic or glass jars between 30 gr. to 1500 gr. At the brine filling machine process ends with adding hot brine into packages.

  • Blancher (ÇM 023)
  • Volumetric Filling Machine (ÇM 016V)
  • Brine Water Filling Machine (ÇM 029)

Filling & detecting line CML


Technical Details

After filling process line continue with a metal detector for detecting any foreign metal substances inside of the glass and plastic jars. If detector detects any foreign substance a repulsive piston will push the product out of the line.

Machines consist of line

  • Filling Machine (ÇM 016M,SA,A,V)
  • Metal Detector Refusal Unit (ÇM 048)

Pitting & slicing line CML


Technical Details

The line is used for pitting and slicing of the green or black olives.

The line consists of

  • Olive Pitting Machine (ÇM014)
  • Densimeter  Set  (CM017)
  • Slicing Machine (ÇM008)
  • Vibrator (ÇM018)

Seiving and stemming line CML


Technical Details

Olive stemming and sieving line allows its owner washing, stemming, selecting and sieving of the matured olives before packaging rapidly and easily without needing extra workforce.  Olive stemming and sieving line also can be produced at different sizes according to customer demands.

  • Loading Elevator  (ÇM 045)
  • Pre-Sieving Machine with Washing System (ÇM 003)
  • Stemming Machine (ÇM 012)
  • Selection Band (ÇM 007A)
  • Stainless Steel Olive Sieving Machine (ÇM 004)
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