Packing system - Types of Packaging  

- Types of Packages

- Types of Packaging


Auger dosing unit            
Ideal for powders and similar fine products.
A specific auger (worm screw) for each product precisely does the correct amount directly into the forming tube of the packaging machine.
The system can easily be dismantled for thorough cleaning.

Voumetric dosing unit
Up to six telescopic cups.
Ideal for dosing fine granular products.
Can be adjusted manually or automatically, easy to clean thoroughly.
Anumber of options are available depending on specific requirements.

Liner weighers                                          
For medium to large-sized granular products composed of aseries of vibratory chutees designed to control the flow of the products to wards the weighing cell.
As soon as the programmed weight is reached, the vibratory pans come to an immediate halt and the weighing cell empties its contents into the forming tube.
The dedicated operating software compensates for the "in fight" product.

Multi-heag weigher                                 
Multiple head, combination weighing systems provide speed,accuracy,reliability and hygiene.
Various models available depending on specific requirements.
When high production with maximum weighing precision is required.












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